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Comic for: March 14th, 2005
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Black & White 2: "Promises"
Posted: Monday March 14th, 2005 by

Peter Molyneux is notorious for over-promoting his games before they're released. But then, he's also notorious for failing to deliver on ALL the promises.

It happened the first time with Black & White. Molyneux told us that it would change the way we played games, etc. It didn't live up to expectation.

He did it again with Fable. After years of promises , the game fell short of the mark. And, Molyneux was forced to apologize (kinda), and assured us that he would not over-hype his future games. [ more info ] But, oh look, here we are months from the release of Black & White 2 and he's telling us it's going to revolutionize Real Time Strategy Games. [ more info ]

So in my world "revolutionize" is a big word. It means the game is going to completely alter the way we play within that genre. And, after the previous two uhmm... miscalculations... I'm thinking Mr. Molyneux is setting himself up for another shoe sandwhich since "revolutionize" is a hard word to live up to and gives him ample room to put his foot in his mouth again.

You'd think by now he'd have learned his lesson. **shrugs** Guess not!

To temper the air of overly-cynical, the possible point of Molyneux's gaming redemption is the presence of Ron Millar. Millar previously worked on Starcraft and Warcraft. That gives a bit of RTS street cred. Maybe not enough to pull Molyneux's ass out of the proverbial sling, but enough that we should probably get a good RTS even if it doesn't live up to Petey-boy's claims.

Ron if you're out there listening... just tell him to shush man. Just tell him to shush.


Now, I know not all of you are fond of my "gaming news" comics. But, I figured you would be able to associate with the idea of a game company or gaming exec making promises about a game they don't quite live up to.

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