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Comic for: March 11th, 2005
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EverQuest: "Grumpy Pants"
Posted: Friday March 11th, 2005 by

You guys seem to be enjoying the non news related comics lately, so I figured I'd end the week with one.

Now, I'compelled to tell you that Poggy is not like that at all. I've never heard him utter an unkind word. But, I had to set myself up to use the words "grumpy pants" right?

So, I actually logged in to EQ to talk to my old guild mates and to get a screenshot of Poggy (though he hasn't changed much at all). With these last two comics I've been trying to convince myself to play EQ again. Pretty hard to do when I can't find the time to play anything these days.

At any rate, I haven't really given you guys a topic to discuss here so I'll just go ahead and waste some more of your time and mention that I'm looking for people who have bought (or won) GU Goodies. I'm expanding the GU store a bit, and I would like to add some "customer action shots" ala ThinkGeek and SplitReason. I just want potential buyers to see the actual items in use. If you want to contribute an image that's a reasonable quality (so the gear can actually be seen) and is safe for work, just send a photo to woody@gucomics.com.

Thanks for helping out!

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