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Comic for: January 7th, 2005
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Woody & Ted: "Gamer Rage"
Posted: Friday January 7th, 2005 by

We've all heard of "Road Rage". It encompasses that moment in time where the frustrations of driving build up to a boiling point and then finally explode in an act of violence or a screaming tantrum.

Well, over the years I've noticed the same thing happens with gamers. Their frustration with a game builds and builds until finally they expel their irritation in a mighty burst of unmitigated angst.

I've seen that explosion manifested in so many ways now it would be virtually impossible to catalogue them all. In the arcade (when those were still popular) I saw people levy a good deal of abuse on the poor machines. Stamping, screaming, and punching a wall are also on that list. Fighting Games like Mortal Kombat were always the worst.

As for me... I've tossed a mouse and controller in my day. I've gotten so frustrated in the past that I actually took a CD out of the computer and tossed it across the room like a ninja star.

And that comment about biting an XBox controller... well, change XBox to Nintendo and you have spelled out for you one of the worst moments of Gamer Rage I've ever encountered. Yes. I bit the controller. Put it in my mouth, chomped it, screamed, and then threw it at the base of the TV where it then bounced, hit the Nintendo, reset the game I was playing, erasing the work I had done to that point.

**shrugs and grins** I was an angry child.

As for The Comic, the FedEx guy is NOT my only friend, though, he does call me Woody now even though the packages come addressed to "William". I don't get all BooBoo at Bambi's mom dying. As a matter of fact, I'm not certain I've ever even seen that portion of movie history. I'll freely admit to getting choked up listening to really fantastic singers though. And, the fear... well... I'm not telling you guys that.

So, I'm curious to hear some of your better Gamer Rage stories. Yours, a friends, share it with us?

Today's Pimpage: I'm wearing a "User Error" t-shirt from ThinkGeek.

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