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Comic for: January 10th, 2005
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Wish: "Wish? Who?"
Posted: Monday January 10th, 2005 by

Just a handful of days after the 2nd beta went live, Mutable Realms' MMOG attempt WISH has been cancelled. - Mutable Realms [ more info ]

To say it was sudden and unexpected is an understatement. With over 68 thousand Beta applicants and 30 thousand active player accounts. The game seemed to be getting off on the right foot. But, from a community standpoint, the game and it's beta went largely unnoticed. And maybe that was a key factor in deciding to shut the game down before it dug deeper into the investors' pockets.

68 thousand applicants is a lot. But, lets look at two items of note:

Mutable Realms recently polled its community oh how much they felt the monthly charges should be.
Even with strong community support, the number of customers at release has traditionally been lower than the number of potential customers in open beta.

So, we can hypothesize that the company saw a huge discrepancy between their monthly expenses per account and what the community was willing to pay. That coupled with a relatively small number of likely customers, may well have demonstrated to the company upper echelon that the game could not truly succeed. Or in laymans terms, releasing the game wouldn't make them filthy rich.

Now, like so many of the games that have tanked, or are slowly tanking, recently, WISH had a strong community backing. And, they seem to be generally distressed. It's one of the things I really hate to see happen to the MMOG community. But, it's a fact of life in the turbulent world of Massively Multiplayer Game Development.

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