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Comic for: January 6th, 2005
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NBA Street V3: "Mario in the Hizzy"
Posted: Thursday January 6th, 2005 by

In the past the GU Forums have shown a particular disinterest in console sports titles, but when I saw that EA Sports was putting Mario into NBA Street V3, I nearly choked. - Gamespot [ more info ]

For those of you not in the know, the "Street" series of games is supposed to be representative of the raw, street-court basketball that can only really be appreciated if you've ever watched an And1 Mix Tape. It's all about mind-boggling passes, blocking shots, stealing the ball, faking out the guy defending you, and slam dunks that make you wince and laugh at the other guy. In essence, it is what would make the NBA enjoyable to watch.

Now, when you take players that fit into that kind of play style, you don't really think of freakin' Mario, Luigi, and the Princess. I just don't see WHERE they have a place in this kind of game, yet there they are. And, I have no doubt, the soul purpose is an akward attempt to try to bring new players to the genre. People that would usually pickup say "Mario Cart" and ignore any basketball title.

So, the comic is my way of trying to make sense of the whole situation. And, the only way I can even begin to imagine this kind of cross over, is if Mario goes all hardcore on us or something.

At any rate, I think I speak my mind on the issue clearly enough with the mini scorecard at the bottom of the comic. With this kind of move in a fairly popular series... is there any wonder why the French Government might want to try to step in to keep EA from slowly taking over Ubisoft? - GameSpot [ more info ]

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