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Comic for: December 29th, 2004
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Woody & Ted: "Christmas Hell III"
Posted: Wednesday December 29th, 2004 by

I figured I'd close out the holiday season with a bit of continuity in the "Christmas Hell" series.

It seemed to be the logical next step. Though... it's wholely inaccurate. Neither Ted nor the cat received any gifts from the forum goers. I did get a present via the site, however. It was a donation from one of my biggest fans... but still, it was a Christmas Gift. I'm not sure how folks keep finding ways to donate though. I took the button down at the beginning of the month. Guess it's time to just removed that email address from PayPal, huh?

Until then though...

Happy Holidays!
the Electric Company

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing the "Reverse Engineer" shirt and I'm wearing a "Shirt of Smiting" from ThinkGeek.

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