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Comic for: December 28th, 2004
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EverQuest II: "Persistant Fish"
Posted: Tuesday December 28th, 2004 by

Occassionally, while playing EQ2, I have run too close to the edge of a pond, stream, water source, etc., get a few running strides beyond it, and start taking damage from something. Invariably, I turn around to find a fish crossing dry land to beat the piss out of me. That, coupled with the fact that EQ2 mobs follow you for an inordinate amount of time, result in Vhah running for great lengths of time with a fish in hot pursuit.

My only guess is that the fish are extremely dedicated to protecting their swimming spots. You know, the typical "you have ruined your pond; you will not ruin mine" mindset of militant fish aggressiveness.

And the way I figure it, they're probably bubbling up some smack talk in their own little fish language. The kind of thing that where, should you pass close by another water source, the other fish hear it and go "Ooooo damn!" and "He told you biatch!".

Finally, a word to those of you that say "Well just turn around and kill it". Have you ever seen a Warrior trying to beat the crap out of a fish flopping around on the ground with no water in sight?


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