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Comic for: December 30th, 2004
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Gaming News: "Hostile Response"
Posted: Thursday December 30th, 2004 by

After a long dry spell where gaming news seemed like one of those relics from distant past, Gamespot post an interview they conducted with Yves Guillemot President, CEO, and co-founder of Ubisoft Entertainment, regarding his feelings on EA's purchase of 19.9% of the company. ~ GameSpot [ more info ]

Okay okay, so the "long dry spell" was only a week or so, but when I saw a new article, I jumped on it like a dog on a ham bone.

I read through the interview, and it just came across as vague and elusive. The questions were all answered, but were done so in such a way as to leave my news whore brain craving more info. It does seem obvious that Mr. Guillemot isn't really fond of EA's action. But, we could have guessed that from day one without any "late breaking news" or watered-down interviews.

Sooo... I took it upon myself to say what Mr. Guillemot seemed reluctant to, or imply it at the very least. The comic suggests that they intend to respond to the "hostile" act WITH a hostile act.

And of course our off screen interviewer always has to toss in a witty response to wrap up the comic. So, I went with a not so current, but somewhat related event. Nothing against P.Diddy, I just needed a hook. I'm sure he understand that concept. And honestly for all the "he's not a thug" commentary during and after his most recent gun trial... that whole Vote or Die thing didn't really help.

Alrighty, I've skipped all over the place with this writeup. I think it's time to go to freakin bed.

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