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Comic for: December 17th, 2004
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Horizons: "Preach Bitch"
Posted: Friday December 17th, 2004 by

A US Bankruptcy Court Judge, Chief Justice Sarah Curley, approved Tulga Games' bid to purchase Artifact Entertainments assets. Key among these assets... Horizons. ~ MMORPG.Com [ more info ]

I'm sure some of you remember my poke at AE's clever dancing through the loopholes in US bankruptcy law.

Now that Tulga has "saved" Horizons from its doom (atleast for the moment) I figured it was only fitting for the Horizons fly be allowed to stand defiant in the glowing face of his death (represented by the Zapper). And, quoting John Donne, I think, is perfect given the situation. Of course, I have to throw in my own assinine commentary in the form of another fly that lacks the tact and intelligence to respond in a more appropriate manner. But hey, how often do I get the chance to wax intellectual? So the whole comic is "very Woody" in it's duality (intelligence/idiocy).

Now, trying to explain the Horizons fly's intent is odd, because the way I used the quote changes the meaning, because it doesn't make use of the entire sonnet. Worse yet, I changed the punctuation of the lines, in an effort to tanslate the Horizons fly's definace into sentences that are reasonably understandable. All I can say in the way of explanation for those that aren't acquainted with John Donne or "don't get" the comic is this:

The Horizon's Fly is letting Death (the Zapper) know that where other people might think he's Mr.Billy Badass, the Horizon's Fly is unimpressed because he is assured of his own existance, atleast for the moment. Like I said before... that is NOT John Donne's meaning; it's just how I used the quote.

For those of you interested in John Donne's perspective, this particular sonnet represents a certain spiritual understanding that in death he will awake in the grace and glory of god. That assurance allows him to dismiss any power death has over him because he can face it unafraid and accept it as the beginning of life everlasting instead of life at its end.

Anywho, enough of my babbling.

Congrats to the AE folks. Let's hope this move means you Horizons fans will get to continue playing your game without fear of it suddenly disappearing now.

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