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Comic for: November 18th, 2010
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Woody & Ted: "Gorging Ourselves"
Posted: Thursday November 18th, 2010 by

For those of you not fully aware, here in the States, the day after Thanksgiving -a day of appreciation stemming from the celebration of a "bountiful harvest"- is Black Friday -day of discounts and sales stemming from the exploitation of consumer gluttony. This tends to be the top shopping day leading to Christmas.

So basically between the two days it's a lesson in excessive consumption. One day food, one day things. I'm not pointing any accusatory fingers here. I'm not blameless. Though I've never gone to a Black Friday sale (intentionally), I do like to stuff myself to the eyeballs with ham and mashed potatoes.

Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing a "Bad Teddy" shirt and Ted is wearing a "Heartless" shirt both from Threadless.Com.

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