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Comic for: December 16th, 2004
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EverQuest II: "Colored Cow's Ass"
Posted: Thursday December 16th, 2004 by

Welcome to Woody's Throw Away strip!

I was going to do a joke about the Anarchy Online one year free thing FunCom has kickin' around right now. But, the later it got and the further away a "decent" joke seemed, the more I realized, there was no way I was going to be funny about it without just being mean. And it's too cool of a move for me to smack it down for no good reason.

So, I went to my trusty piece of paper. This trusty piece of paper has joke ideas on it that spring to mind while I'm goofing around in various games. And for some odd ass reason, despite never having played a Ratonga Today's "Joke" was on there. I was baffled that at some point I thought it was funny enough to actually write it down.

I think I was amused by the sound and the image that was brought to mind by the phrase "rat wrapped in a colored cows ass", which is basically just an off-color way of me saying, "dude this freakin' leather armor sucks!"

And to make things worse, it was already 2:30 AM. If I'd started inking and coloring then, the comic wouldn't be done until the sun was coming up. So, I figured what the hell... it's a throw away joke anyway, might as well drag it completely through the mud, so I adjusted the color scheme on an EQ2 comic I'd done recently, tossed in a new background and called it macaroni.

So, now you guys see what it's like inside my head when I'm stuggling for an idea that just won't write itself. I'd ask you to forgive me, but I think it's only fair that this one sit out there for people to criticize me over.

Better than a Poopy Strip while I toiled over some GU work I'd been meaning to do for the last 2 months, right?


Go Packers!

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