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Comic for: December 13th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Ban 'Em!"
Posted: Monday December 13th, 2004 by

There's been a lot of policy response to any form of "cheating" in World of Warcraft lately. It's to be expected with the game being so new. And, it doesn't surpise me that, here in the beginning, the response is so heavy handed. And, honestly, I'm glad it is. Too bad they're not being as forceful with their naming policy.

And before I make Rob really mad at me, let me just tell you folks that he does not decide who gets banned and who doesn't. He's just an easy target that I happen to have found a picture of.

The idea behind the comic is that Blizzard (represented by Rob Pardo) is got so used to banning any group of players that caused trouble, they they might ban folks "accidentally" for continuing to ask about the UK release... you know, since they're getting used to THAT particular reponse.

Alright, now I know some folks are going to want to fuss about some of the things Blizzard is banning people for. I've already had to lock a thread about selling in-game goodies for real world cash. All I ask is: if you're gonna bitch, please be constructive about it. That means, if you don't have a suggestion for a solution to your particular grievance then don't post it at all.

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