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Comic for: December 10th, 2004
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Woody & Ted: "Christmas Hell"
Posted: Friday December 10th, 2004 by

It's very rare that I actually have myself or Ted acknowledge the comic in the strip. And, as the history of Woody & Ted strips go, Ted seems to have a somewhat selective memory when it comes to referencing the site.

But, given Ted's relatively popularity here, I figured it would be okay to give him a voice and let some of his evilness shine through.

Ted would not hinder himself at all with the burden of a moral issue when it comes to using ANYTHING to his own personal benefit. So, if Ted were aware of the Forums, he'd more than likely try to use them to his ultimate advantage.

So, being that I've been pouring over Amazon for the last few days researching gifts for my family, it occured to me that Ted, would definately exploit a similar situation if given the opportunity. Hopefully, everyone sees the joke in this comic.

I was also thinking of using Ted's "awareness" of the site in general to start writing an "Ask Ted" column wherein I'd adpot Ted's persona long enough to answer questions from the community. I think Ted's somewhat unique view of the world, might be a fun thing for folks to read. **shrugs** If you guys don't think it'd be worth the effort though, please let me know.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a "Viva la Relativity!" tshirt from ThinkGeek, and I'm wearing a I <3 PK shirt provided by Nokia for the game Pocket Kingdom. I'll be giving away a good handful of these shirts off the site soon.

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