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Comic for: December 9th, 2004
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Hello Kitty: "Loving and Friendly"
Posted: Thursday December 9th, 2004 by

A good number of you PMed and emailed me when the Hello Kitty MMOG was announced. Enough in fact that I refused to do a comic about it at the time. But, you guys know me... I couldn't leave it alone forever.

Typhoon Games, makers of Hello Kitty Online World, annouced their game and proclaimed that what would differentiate it from other MMO's would be its "loving and friendly gaming environment" which, they believe, runs in direct contrast to the other RPGs in the market. They're convinced that the game will "promote friendship and amicable communication among players". ~ Gamer's Hell - [ more info ]

There is one flaw in that assertion though: Conflict is innevitable in a massively multiplayer environment. In other words, it's not always going to be cookies and cake. Players are going to have tiffs over resources, plots of land, names, failed missions, etc. Dispute is inherent to the MMO system.

And, that's where Today's Comic comes in. Knowing that player discord is innescapable, I can just see the cute little character graphics uttering the most foul articulations of gamer angst you can imagine. And the mental image I get from that dances across my brain, sprinkling little, pink flowers of irony.

Try as they might... Hello Kitty Online World will not be the fluffy-bunny, cutesy-safehaven from the dark brooding evil that is MMOG commonality. The troll infestation on their own boards should be evidence enough of that.

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