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Comic for: December 14th, 2004
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The Matrix Online: "Old Ass Joke"
Posted: Tuesday December 14th, 2004 by

When I read that Warner Brothers Interactive had decided to postpone the release of the Matrix Online, despite Monolith feeling the game will be ready to go. I couldn't help but think the Monolith crew drew in this huge sigh of relief that THEY wouldn't have to tell people they needed to delay the launch. ~ GameSpot [ more info ]

And that of course flashed through my mind as "dodging a bullet" which is a play on Neo dodging bullets in the original Matrix which is a joke that is so overworked, and has been used so much now that it's becoming a true bore. Hell, I've already done a Matrix comic using that exact line. How cool am I? So, I really wanted to just smack myself and be done with it. I even spent time trying to rewrite the comic using another recognizable quote from the movie. But, where's the fun in making fun of games if I don't have the good sense to make fun of myself? I am after all nothing but a satire of the rest of the gaming community anyway.

So, I decided to twist it, to mock myself and anyone else that thought the same thing. Because, honestly, we deserve it. Hopefully people can see the subtle difference in the jokes. And if they can't I'd just like to point everyone at Peanuts (Charlie Brown) and Garfield. Those are two comics that have essentially been telling the same joke for decades.

And that friends would be blatant justification for my weak sense of humor. So, in this instance, forget the joke and consider the comic nothing more than a "news source".

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