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Comic for: November 29th, 2004
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Civilization: "FOOLS!"
Posted: Monday November 29th, 2004 by

An article over at Gamespot related the info that buried in an earning report for Infogrames, owner of Atari and publisher of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and Sid Meier's Pirates, was the somewhat stunning news that the company had sold the rights for the Civiliation series of strategy games to an unidentified buyer. ~ Gamespot [ more info ]

Now Infogrames itself has had some problems, but Civilizations was a highly successful game series (well except for Activision's poor attempt). It's the kind of seller that usually gets ear-marked as a "franchise" title. A reasonable guess as to why they would sell Civilizations would be tied to an effort to clear out debts and show an over all fiscal gain. That is JUST a guess though.

Anywho, when I saw that an unnamed mystery company had bought Civilization, I wondered: now, who would buy it that would be funny?

And, my first thought, Ted. But, then I decided, no, Ted probably lacks the patience to play strategy games because they require you to micromanage everything in order to be successful. And, I wouldn buy it because I'm practical... and I just don't have $22.3 Million Euros laying around. Then it hit me... AH HA! The CAT!

ED-209 is obviously an evil genius who is planning to do something positively diabolical with the game... like subliminal messages or some such, in a bid to take over the world (ala. Pinky and the Brain)!

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