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Comic for: November 26th, 2004
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Infinium Labs: "The Phantom Menace"
Posted: Friday November 26th, 2004 by

Evil Avatar linked a news article a couple of days ago wherein GameIndustry.Biz reported that Infinium Labs was seeking additional funding to the tune of 11.5 million dollars before they would be able to release their much maligned gaming console the Phantom. That only scratched the surface though. They stated they would need another 10.7 million dollars beyond that to just break even. ~ GameIndustry.Biz - [ more info ]

Now, I don't mean to come down on these guys too hard, because it looks like there is an honest effort to bring this platform to market. But, every time I hear Infinium Labs, the Phantom, or Timothy Roberts (Infinium Labs CEO) mentioned in the same article with a multi-million dollar price tag, I can't shake this ominous feeling caused by an investigative report filed by [H]ardOCP in September of last year. The report delved partially into Timothy Roberts financial background, and showed a string of businesses that he'd founded, secured start up capital for, and then filed bankruptcy on costing his investors millions upon millions of dollars. ~ [H]ardOCP - more info ]

Of course, that investigative article started an ongoing legal battle between Infinium Labs and [H]ardOCP that numbs the brain. The whole thing has gone back and forth between the two, and if you really read it all, dig through the news archives at http://www.whereisphantom.com/

The Phantom, as it is intended to work, is basically a receiver over which you purchase all your games. Read: no game discs only downloads. Think Steam with a console front end. The current plan is to give gamers the Phantom receiver for free when they sign a two year contract. If the numbers I've heard are correct that comes out to around $720. That $30 a month subscription only gives you access to the core game streams. Premium Games you'll have to pay additional monies for. ~ IT Manager's Journal - [ more info ]

Anywho, the implication of Today's Comic is that Mr. Roberts is lining his pockets with investor money. It should be noted that this is an exercise in parody. It's not true to my knowledge. I just couldn't help putting a drawing on the front end of an unproven conspiracy theory.

With any luck... I won't get sued for false and defamatory statements.

Man that's a lot of links! You guys'll be clicking for DAYS!

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