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Comic for: November 30th, 2004
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EverQuest II: "Probably an Improvement"
Posted: Tuesday November 30th, 2004 by

I was reading about the various races in EQ2. And, when I read over the information for the Trolls the clockwork gears in my tiny little brain started spinning.

Having the lowest intelligence scores of any race combined with the following quote: "Trolls will eat anything, cooked or uncooked, as long as it was (or still is) alive...", just lends itself to the odd form of humor that most often just appeals to me. And, I'm fine with that. In my head I can just see the Troll straining his jaw open trying desperately to swallow his own head. And,in EQ2 they are so hideous (I hate the models) it'd probably be an improvement.

At any rate, it's a simple joke for a simple man. I'll apologize for it now, and probably have to explain the randomness of it for years to come. Go me.

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