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Comic for: November 16th, 2004
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Pocket Kingdom: "Freebasing PK"
Posted: Tuesday November 16th, 2004 by

I got an email a while back asking me if I'd like to take part in a closed beta for an N-Gage game. Now, by saying yes, I would receive a free N-Gage QD, the game itself, a prepaid sim card so I could compete online, promotional goodies to giveaway, and the likelihood that the parent company would advertise on GU.

Quite frankly... I wasn't seeing a downside. So, after looking over my schedule to determine if I had time to dedicate to play, I decided yes... yes I could beta test this game.

The game is called Pocket Kingdom. I'm not quite sure how to classify this game because it's not like anything I've every played before. So, I'm gonna have to fly by the seat of my pants here and call it an MMO strategy/collecting L33T Fantasy Game. And, as you can probably infer from Today's Comic, I'm really quite addicted to the game. It's the first game in a LONG time, that I have actively sought out gaps in my schedule to play it.

I've gone so far as to take the thing to the bathroom with me, or leave it running on my desk, periodically pressing the appropriate buttons, while I'm writing emails, producing graphics, or ICQing. My only guess if that they have somehow managed to make the N-Gage out of some sort of injection molded cocaine!

At some point I'll try to write a full review, to let you guys know what I really think (pros and cons) about the game, the N-Gage, the online play aspect, etc. For right now though, I'll just say that it's really fun for a person like me.

And the comic... well... it's supposed to hint at the massively addictive nature of the game, by drawing a certain amount of parallel between the game and freebasing. I know I know... it's not really cool to make drug references of any kind. But, I think you guys'll forgive me this once right?

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing the Generic Humanoid Carbon Unit shirt from ThinkGeek.

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