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Comic for: October 28th, 2004
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Woody & Ted: "Redsox Win!"
Posted: Thursday October 28th, 2004 by

I goofed up my back pretty good carrying some heavy crap up to the apartment yesterday, and that "ooo ouch" along with goofing with said heavy objects left me extremely tired. So, I apologize for the flat colored comic.


Since I was living near Boston last year, I find that I have become a damn dirty RedSox fan. So, last night I was more than pleased when they won the World Series. I was excited because a team I was rooting for actually made it. I was intrigued by their complete disregard for the history books. And, I was absolutely thrilled that now maybe that dumb ass "curse" crap will disappear.

Baseball players and baseball enthusiasts are an oddly superstitious lot. Everyone swore they couldn't come back to win against the Yankees, because no team had ever come back to win after being three games down in a best of 7. Whoopty freakin' do? That's such an ignorant stance to take.

And still others, were convinced that this "curse" would keep them from wrapping their hands around the World Series trophy. Again, how could you possibly think something like that. If there was a such thing as "curses" and they really did affect the outcome of games, then I'm almost certain it would have struck the RedSox down game 4 versus New York, when they were down to their last three outs.

So, with all that sillyness in mind, I wanted to do a comic about the RedSox winning. And since Ted wouldn't know anything about baseball, I figured he might buy into the hype of "the curse" and such. So, he had to lose.

Of course my gaming mean-osity had to shine through, so I picked on my favorite MMOG punching dummy: Shadowbane.

Not wanting to be too horrible though, I would like to tell you that the folks at Wolfpack Studios are releasing a new expansion for Shadowbane called Throne of Oblivion. And, anyone who is interested should definately go pre-order a copy.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a completely fake shirt, but I'm wearing the 2+2=5 shirt from ThinkGeek.

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