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Comic for: October 27th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Luck Undead Bastards"
Posted: Wednesday October 27th, 2004 by

Tonight, because it was game 3 away, we decided we wanted to watch the newly released "Dawn of the Dead" DVD. Kinda sorry I couldn't wait, I'd've loved to watch the Red Sox go 3-0 in the series.

Anywho, I walked to the blockbuster, and DotD is all out. Of course they have 18 million copies of "Mean Girls", but only 20 copies of DotD.

So... I say screw it and just buy the DVD. What the hell right? It's the director's cut extended hyper platinum unrated mega edition.

Well, we order up some pizza, drag ourselves away from the game (not altogether easy) and watch the movie.

The lead in was rushed, the acting wasn't all that great, but it's a zombie flick. A remake at that. It paid a couple of homages to the original including a Savini cameo. Definately worth a rent. Heck, I'm frugal and consider it worth the "buy".

So, in deciding what I wanted to do for a comic, I knew I wanted to mention the DotD DVD. And what's a DotD comic without some zombies? The problem was... what was their motivation? You know, because zombies are "follow the pack" kind of things, so motivation is key when trying to convince them to deliver the Funny™.

Well, since the movie is done, and the DVD is out, I figure the zombies need something else to do. And, like all of us, they're just looking for the best possible job. Because you know, happiness is a primary factor in gainful employment for the undead. Look at WalMart's late late shift. (sorry mean humor)

At any rate, I figured, the best job for a member of the life challenged community would be in World of Warcraft where the Undead get their own city, get to ride their own horses, and don't suffer under that pesky human need to introduce metal, at high velocities, to their brains.

As far as the shirt goes... I thought it was somehow fitting, if a tad ironic.


Now, before you run off to rent and watch this DVD, please do the following for me if you can:

Head over to Evil Avatar and donate anything you can.

As you may know Evil Avatar is one of my primary news sources these days, and they are suffering under high traffic loads. So, they're asking the community to chip in and help them buy the necessary hardware upgrades for their servers. And the way I see it, there's no better way for me to say thanks, than to try to rally the GU community to their cause. Thanks in advance for anything you can contribute.

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