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Comic for: October 1st, 2004
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Aetolia: "Being Facetious"
Posted: Friday October 1st, 2004 by

One of my Ad clients this month is IronRealms Entertainment. They produce several MUDs that have gained the acclaim of some of the gaming industry leaders, regardless of genre.

Well, they paid me to produce the ads that would run on the site this month. And, in talking about potential ideas for the banners, Today's Comic was going to be used. We then decided to go another route with it. So the idea was scrapped.

But, to get a jump on the ad run, I decided to use the idea and promote the game.

Aetolia exists the in the text based landscape of your mind, limited by your own imagination. It's a spinoff of IronRealms' flagship title Achaea. Well, one of the distinguishing characteristics of Aetolia is that vapires are a playable race/class, called The Consanguine.

Well, with the character being a vampire, I figured the direction of the comic worthwhile. Simple, but direct, and easily understandable by the masses.

Anywho, on behalf of my advertising client, I hope you go and visit their game. For the nostalgic ones of you out there, it's a throwback to our table top roleplaying days, except without the dice. To the younger ones of you that are focussed on the graphics, you'll never learn more about HOW to play and enjoy a game quicker than you will when you allow your mind to be the guild to what you see, where you can only be judged by your words and your deeds. Give it a shot.

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