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Comic for: September 29th, 2004
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The Sims 2: "Irresistable Urges"
Posted: Wednesday September 29th, 2004 by

While I was digging through all the gaming news last night, I found myself reading about the Sims 2 again. And at Gamespot, to the right of the writeups there is a link to screenshots from the game. I thumbed through them and watched the various little life stories unfold.

And eventually came to that "what if" scenario that I've expressed in previous GU comics as "the Mob Perspective". In the Sims it's a little more definate and intense, because you're not just controlling simple movement, you're dealing with an entire mini life.

And well... not everyone plays the game the same way. So, I put a non-referenced Ted at the puppet strings. Thus you have the female's "response" to the guy's "paranoia". It only seems obvious to me that Ted would somewhat vicariously through his Sims, encouranging them to act upon his own whims and fantasies. But, I guess that not all that much different from what everyone else does. It's like some kind of social paradox where we're foring certain interactions and socialization that we ourselves miss WHILE we're playing the game.

Well, I'll leave the psycho-babble to you guys, and move about my merry way to bed where I will no doubt have a dream about playing a game.

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