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Comic for: August 26th, 2004
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BloodRayne: "Playing with... You Know"
Posted: Thursday August 26th, 2004 by

I was reading Evil Avatar the other day and ran across an article mentioning how the lead character of the game BloodRayne would be appearing nude in the October issue of Playboy.

Now, I saw a commercial for this game forever ago and rolled my eyes in disgust as the absolute raunch with which the game was offered to the drooling mid-pubescent juvenile males on the other end of their game-whoring campaign. And now this?

Whoops! Did my opinion slip out there? Sorry about that.

At this point though, it really doesn't suprise me what companies will do to sell their games. And my opinion on the matter aside, I feel it's absolutely their right to whore their game out in order to make money. **shrugs** It's all in how a company wants to protray itself and its products.

I guess I should qualify this and say that I also have nothing against the display of Boobies. They are one of our planets natural resources (most of them anyway [referring to the word natural]) and should praised (not exploited) as often as possible.

I'll leave you with that, and a link to Chris's article onGameGirls in Playboy over at CNN Money.

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