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Comic for: August 27th, 2004
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Fight Club: "The First Rule"
Posted: Friday August 27th, 2004 by

I was making the gaming rounds today and landed over at WorthPlaying.Com. In over in their "Latest Previews" section I saw a link to the console port of one of my favorite movies: Fight Club. You can read the WorthPlaying preview here: Fight Club (PS2/XBox)

Now, I'm not one of the people lucky enough to get to preview games before they're released; but, if I were Today's Comic would be the most likely conversational result.

Now, like the previewer, I'm a bit stunned that it has taken 5 years to produce this movie to console port. I can only speculate that the technology to provide a truly viable interpretation just was not there. I mean, we're talking about environments where you can beat every object you see with the face of your opponent. Hell, I can wait five years to open a door with someone's melon if it LOOKS cool enough.

Meh... maybe I'm just giddy over the US Men's 200M medal sweep, or the US Women's soccer team taking the gold. But, I hope you guys thought the joke was as funny as I did. **shrugs**

The t-shirts in today's comic are from Split Reason. Ted is wearing the Insane at Play t-shirt; and, I'm wearing The Bomb t-shirt.

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