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Comic for: April 26th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "No Sweat"
Posted: Monday April 26th, 2004 by

Most of that conversation actually happened while I was playing WoW Sunday.

Following up a Quest that sent my Orc Warrior to the lands of the undead, I found myself doing some of the quests in the area.

One such quest had me round up the components then Fed Ex the resulting potion to an undead guy who had, despite being DEAD somehow managed to contract a disease that was killing him. After my head stopped shaking from trying to understand, the undead guys sister asked me to kill the bastard that'd poisoned her brother. I agree and go after the chucklehead. Who does he think he is... trying to kill an undead guy?

As I'm entering the bard where I will find Ivar (the evil chucklehead poison-dealing bastard), someone invited me into a group. Assuming the camp was already taken, and not wanting to intrude, but certainly willing to help, I agreed.

The two of us dispatched Ivar in short order. He would have been easily soloable for me or for the other guy with me (Secris). After the fight was over I apologized for not taunting. I hadn't been grouping, so switching stances just to practice taunt hadn't been a priority.

At any rate, Secris responded just as you see in the comic. Now, knowing how much you guys can appreciate a good groaner, I took a screenshot of him (yes that's him on the right) and put him in the comic. I just couldn't resist it.

So there you go, today's comic in a nutshell.

Please don't shoot me... I'm only the vehicle this time!

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