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Comic for: April 27th, 2004
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City of Heroes: "Mother of Justice"
Posted: Tuesday April 27th, 2004 by

With a city full of heroes, you know there's some folks whose powers may be a bit suspect, and judging from the some of the outfits, I have to wonder at the skill required in just dressing themselves. Lets face it, all superheroes can't be winners. Right?

I've done a LOT of fussing lately about the lack of clothes on player models within games. And, all things considered, COH isn't much different. I've seen super heroins in little more than a Vistoria's Secret outfit. But, something about it doesn't phase me. It's doesn't set me off and annoy me so much.

Maybe it's because with superheroes the outfits aren't necessarily meant to be functional. Hell, I'm at a loss for purpose brightly colored spandex in any situation, let alone super hero outfitting. But, in a fantasy setting, I guess my brain tells me that the clothing and armor need to have a function, and that function, usually, is protection. So, when a company clads it's female warriors in next to nothing it just sets me off.

Meh, in the end, I may have just wanted to draw a scantily clad woman who's more interested in maxin' out on the couch, choking down triple chunky chocofudge, and watching Linda Carter limp-wristedly wrangle badguys in her golden lasso of truth. **shrugs**

The world... dun dun DUHHHN... may never know!

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