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Comic for: February 17th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Monkey Love"
Posted: Tuesday February 17th, 2004 by

Today's strip reference the closing of URU Live and Mythica. Cyan Worlds stated lack of interest. And, MGS decided to "stream-line its portfolio, making fewer investments in this genre".

Now, I know Microsoft Game Studio is publishing Sigil's game. So, I wonder what exactly this means for them. My guess is that Sigil might be part of the reason that Mythic is going bye bye. **shrugs and moves on**

As far as having Monkey "Love" my shoe... well... I'll let you decide amongst yourselves what exactly that might mean.

I just know it's probably something I DON'T want to happen. Especially since Monkey may be a figment of Ted's imagination... and therefore it TED might be the one to "love" my shoes in Monkey's stead.

And we know what he does to game boxes and video cards... so...


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