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Comic for: February 18th, 2004
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Champions of Norrath: "We're Rich"
Posted: Wednesday February 18th, 2004 by

Today's strip immediately came to mind as soon as I saw the "Sweepstakes" section of the Champions of Norrath Site.

Apparently the calendar is pimped there as a "prize". **rolls his eyes**

Everyone can ogle the graphics all they want, but quite frankly it annoyed me. And, I'd like to see the documentation for what demographic they were aiming at as the market for this game.

Oh, I'm sure any one of us could guess accurately without much thought. But, I'd like to see the official documentation for sure.

Sometimes I honestly believe that the products that are being marketted via commercials will not appear at all, and the producers of the game will just give the go ahead to put a big pair of boobs on the screen, with the name of the game scrawled across them in chocolate.

**coughs and digresses**

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