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Comic for: January 12th, 2004
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EverQuest: "NOT Feigning"
Posted: Monday January 12th, 2004 by

Since you guys seemed to enjoy the mobs perspective and someone mentioned the other day that they figured mobs pulled us, since they run up, attack, get beat down, then run back to their friends with our dumb butts in tow, I thought I'd just go for the "similarity" laugh and continue you on with the comic from a couple of weeks ago.


And for those of you clever enough to realize that I flubbed a comic by recycling a joke, the writeup from my Sigil Visit is now complete. And thanks to Brad's help yesterday, I was able to get it squared away so that it adhered to the NDA but offered more information about the game that other recent visits.

Here's the link:

Oh! And, if you must discuss the writeup, please do it here:

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