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Comic for: February 9th, 2005
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Resident Evil 4: "Headless Strangler"
Posted: Wednesday February 9th, 2005 by

I was watching my girlfriend play Resident Evil 4. And during a particularly difficult situation early in the game, she blew one of the evil townspeople's head off. Oddly enough the evil farmer was close enough to reach out and start strangling Leon anyway... sans head!

Now, gameplay such as it is, you break the strangle hold by quickly wiggling the control stick. And, if you're lucky you stand up facing the threat. If you're luckier still, you'll get an onscreen prompt to roundhouse kick anyone that's near.

Funny thing is, your roundhouse kick seems to be infinitely more effective. I mean, the gun staggers them a bit with torso shots, but a kick... a kick sends 'em flying. Of course the problem with the kick is that you don't have constant access to it. It's a spur of the moment, game controlled, possibility. And if you're not quick enough you'll miss it. Worst part is, it only becomes an option if you let someone get in close... too close. Waiting on it could spell your doom.

So, to explain the comic for those who might not get it, I was trying to illuminate the ridiculous notion that a "kick" would worry someone whose head has already been blown off. And that's pretty much what that "Squirt" means. The irony is that the kick WOULD have been more effective given the situation.

Now, honestly I think the headless strangler was a minor glitch in the game. In every other instance I've seen, dead is dead. And as far as I recall the headless wonder fell over and died as soon as Leon shook loose. But who can tell? The townsfolk surround you and their color pallet is so muted you can barely tell where one ends and another begins. They do a fair job of completely disappearing into the background graphics as well.

I still haven't played the game, but I know my play style, and the twitch feel that comes packaged into the fighting is NOT for me. I lack the talent and focus to manage that effectively. Hell, even my girlfriend (who is infinitely better at playing these kinds of games) tossed the controller and walked off frustrated after getting flattened by a boulder a half dozen times.

Durn crazy farmers! They roll boulders off small cliffs at you. It was so much easier when they were just dead.

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