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Comic for: February 10th, 2005
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Republic Commando: "Fries"
Posted: Thursday February 10th, 2005 by

Lucas Arts is releasing a new Star Wars action shooter set during the clone wars. In Republic Commando, you're the commander of a four man elite trooper team tasked with the most dangerous, covert, and tactically demanding missions in the war. [ game info ]

Each team member has his own unique skill set that you put to use to accomplish your goals. Etc etc etc. It's due for release at the beginning of next month. I'm sure I'll frustrate myself with it when it hits the shelf.

Of course I have to turn the whole thing on its head for the sake of a joke and have Yoda give RC01/138 chore of taking out Hayden Christensen before he destroys Darth Vader, and thus destroys ALL the movies, for everyone.

Beyond that... I think you get it.

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