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Comic for: December 23rd, 2003
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Dark Age of Camelot: "Rename Them Sigil"
Posted: Tuesday December 23rd, 2003 by

As per Cairin's post yesterday... Mythic Entertainment, the company responsible for Dark Age of Camelot, is suing Microsoft for trademark infringement and unfair competition.

You see Microsoft Game Studios if releasing a game called Mythica. Now, the suit only acts upon the name of the game. Mythic is claiming that Mythica infringes upon their trademark name, using name recognition to try to sucker players into buying a game that is NOT DAoC. And, I can see their point. Mythica, like DAoC, is set in a Norse-based fantasy setting. I guess in a world where we gamers can't really read, we might get the two confused. **shrugs**

All that aside, the joke in the comic hinges upon Microsoft playing on their "unholy union" with Sigil and thus using THEIR name, since they're already funding development, to rip off Sony's trademark... SOE. **grins**

Ahh the gaming world. So full of backstabbing corporate snakes, and money hungry independant devlopment teams.

Gotta love online games.

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