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Comic for: December 24th, 2003
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EverQuest: "Sex Appeal"
Posted: Wednesday December 24th, 2003 by

In the same adventure I mentioned in the writeup for the 12/22 strip, something similar to today's comic happened. So... I couldn't help jotting it down for later use.

After the Paladin left, I was left to try to pull after the cleric pacified.

We cleaned a room down to two mobs, pulled, and killed the first. While the other just stood there. The vampire lady continued to stand there and look at me as I shot her over and over again. I finally just walked up to her and whacked her with my hammer.

Before whacking her though, I paused to let the other group memebers know that I'd rooted her... with sex appeal. It went over well with them; hopefully it worked for you guys too.


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