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Comic for: August 16th, 2005
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Gaming News: "Jack's Choices"
Posted: Tuesday August 16th, 2005 by

Seriously, I want to put Jack Thompson, video game violence, pixelated nudity, and the like behind me. But every time I read about Jack's antics I just can't help but poke more fun at him.

Honestly... I just can't help myself.

So, what brought this one about?
A link from GameTab the other day, sent me to an article entitled: "You don't know Jack" over at Game Revolution. It briefly chronicles Jack's odd legal history, then talks about his response to a simple animated icon. Granted, the icon wasn't very kind to Mr. Thompson, but he notified the FBI, hailing it as a death threat. **sighs**

Anyway, in the writeup, there's a paragraph about a small piece of paper Jack once handed to Janet Reno, at a public debate (when he was running against her for District Attorney of Dade County). This little piece of paper read as follows:

I, Janet Reno, am a
[ ] Homosexual
[ ] Bisexual
[ ] Heterosexual

He then demanded that she check one of the boxes. [ more info ]

So, given that story, I really just couldn't help myself. And yes, Ted would definately invite Jack over to play GTA. **grins**

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