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Comic for: December 4th, 2003
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Dark Age of Camelot: "So Much Blood"
Posted: Thursday December 4th, 2003 by

In the Test release notes for version 1.67 Sanya let us know the "New shark routes had been added to Atlantis". (Note: this is currently Pendragon only)

For those of you that don't know, sharks take the place of horses as the primary mode of transportation in Atlantis Water zones. Which lead to previous comics of course.

But, as soon as I read that notice, I thought to myself... if I didn't know where the new shark "stables" were, and just saw some random sharks in game, what would happen if I just threw myself amongst the sharks in order to acquire a ride.

Well, of course, sharks being sharks, they would eat me. Thus the comic was born. We simply have to test the sharks first. I call it Luri-bait. **nods**

I'm sure it will be an effective method of testing shark intentions.

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