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Comic for: December 3rd, 2003
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EverQuest: "Another Friggin' Window"
Posted: Wednesday December 3rd, 2003 by

I got word that the new combat abilities for melee characters was up on test. So, I went to go check it out, naturally.

In reading the news that pops up after you patch, I saw that our new combat system is tucked into yet another new window. Hell, I can barely see what's in front of me these days there's so much garbage on my screen.

I mean, I dig the new targetting system MAINLY because it doesn't pop us a new screen. Surely there is a better way. **sighs**

After I ranted to myself for a bit about in game windows being the bane of quality game play, I logged into the game and made my way to the north east corner of West Commonlands, where the news release indicated I could acquire some of these new "tomes" we learn our new abilities from.

The folks in serverwide.gucomics warned me that they were bugged and were causing crashes. So I thought I was going in prepared.

Well, I got there and right clicked the merchant to buy some tomes, right clicked and blam... desktop.

I decided then that I'd wait a bit longer before I tried again.

I mean... first the new window and then the crash to desktop... I had better things to do.

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