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Comic for: December 5th, 2003
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EverQuest: "Order LoE"
Posted: Friday December 5th, 2003 by

I got an email earlier today that outlined the joke you see in the 12/5 strip. It's one of the only times a reader submitted joke has been posted almost owrd for word. That's how funny I thought the idea was. Hell, I even ignored the fact that he said he'd already posted it elsewhere. I couldn't resist that jab.

And the reason I couldn't?

Because SOE's whoring of Lords of Everquest nauseates me.

Players pay their hard earned money to play a game; it should damn well be free of advertising. That splash screen that pops up before you can finishing logging in... should be illegal. If they want to put their advertisements in front of you, they should either allow you to opt out, or, more accurately, you should be receiving SOMETHING for it's placement.

This isn't television, you've already paid for your right to play the game. You've already paid for the software. Just because they own the game doesn't give them the right to pollute your login AND your ingame chat screen with their pimping of other products.

What's next? An "Ad Window" in the UI. Pshhh, I regret having even said that, for fear that it'll be seen as "a good idea".

I think now is the time we use one of the features they porive us in game and /feedback railing against such practices. We simply can't allow them to subject us to this kind of thing.

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