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Comic for: May 31st, 2019
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The Zapper!: "Worlds Adrift"
Posted: Friday May 31st, 2019 by Woody

Bossa Studios, the UK based game dev responsible for indie/cult classic games Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, announced Wednesday (5/29) that they would be closing the "community crafted" MMO World Adrift. There will be a cataclysmic "world ending" event broadcast by Bossa live on Twitch as the game is shuttered. Anyone who purchased the game since April 29th will receive a refund, and Founders will receive a free copies of the aforementioned Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread.
Source: "Bossa Studios To Close Worlds Adrift" via GameInformer

Now, if you've never heard of the game, you're not alone. Neither had I. But long-time friend of the comic Catila Amano pointed out the closure specifically and indicated their sadness at the game's passing. The least I could do was memorialize the game, in a way, by drawing attention to it in the form of a Zapper comic. Catila has a detailed post in the the Gaming-Chat channel in GU's Discord that I encourage you to read: "Warning, wall of text ahead." by Catila Amano.

Unfortunately for Worlds Adrift, Catila, and other fans of the game, my sense of deliberate sarcasm couldn't help but make the point that this unknown game, shuttered because it didn't attract enough attention, STILL didn't quite make it into the comic.

Now, to be fair to World's Adrift, despite Catila's assertion "if even the well-informed Woody Hearn didn't know about the game, why would a lesser-informed general gaming public know?", these days I'm really NOT that informed. Sure I've started thumbing through gaming news again, I'm not devouring it like I once did. So, it's less likely for me to catch stuff like this: both the game and the news of its closing. Any recognition it receives here/now, even near the game's end, is because of Catila.

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