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Comic for: April 5th, 2013
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The Zapper!: "Rock Band DLC"
Posted: Friday April 5th, 2013 by

With the release of Don Mclean's"American Pie", Rock Band has seen the last of it's musical DLC. [more info] Thought I haven't played it in years, Rock Band will probably always linger among my greatest/favorite gaming memories.I've spent untold hours playing the game, and untold dollars on the games and downloadable music.


I mentioned on facebook that all of the Fancast perks had been completed. But I realized, thanks to the comments of one of the contributors that names/profiles of the manually added fancast masses aren't displaying here properly. I'll get that corrected as soon as I can. Thanks for your continue patience!


Niftymancer only has 3 days to go and have managed to claw their way up to $23,000. Again it's a lane defense RPG, there's a free demo (http://www.niftymancer.com/NiftyDemo.html), and they're still shy $17,000. So, here's the Kickstarter link:

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