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Comic for: August 30th, 2012
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Gaming News: "Mistakes"
Posted: Thursday August 30th, 2012 by

In an interview with Bloomberg Frank Gibeau, EA's Head of Labels, says the company got off to a "rocky start" with the current console generation. He then let it be known that they would not be making the same mistakes again. Being jaded, I laughed audibly.

I'm not going to say EA is incapable of just learning from their mistakes and moving on. Anything is possible, and they seem to be showing some age/weariness, no doubt from some of the very mistakes Frank is talking about. So what mistakes are they correcting? Seems they have a new proprietary game engine called Frostbite that will bridge the technology gap. And, they are currently working on 3-5 IPs that will release withing the first 24 months after launch. [more info]

Yeah, those things might address the problems EA believes it will face with the onset of the next generation of consoles. But, I'm guessing the gamers feel there's an ALL different set of problems.


Little GU update. I think I'll be reopening prints in the GU store sometime soon. Just a heads up.

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