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Comic for: August 29th, 2012
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Skyrim: "Hearthfire"
Posted: Wednesday August 29th, 2012 by

Hey guys, get this... September 4th for $5 on the 360, you can turn your triple A, action-adventure epic into the Sims.

Bethesda has let it be known that "Hearthfire", the next Skyrim DLC, will allow you to buy land, build a house, add on rooms, plant a garden, adopt kids, etc. [more info] Now, for those of you playing Skyrim, I'm sure on some level this DLC "fits". To me the non-player though it just feels wrong. Sure, I remember buying a house in Oblivion and tossing odd stuff I'd looted all over the place. But taking it this much farther? I'm not sure if the point is to provide a mechanic by which existing Skyrim-ites have more to do in the game or if Bethesda is trying to draw new players in.

Try not to mistake this as me disparaging the idea though. I'm certain if I was playing Skyrim, for $5 this DLC would be on my want list.

Again Hearthfire will be available on the 360 September 4th. Though it has not been specifically stated, I would guess, like Dawnguard, it will be available to PC players a month later.

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