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Comic for: April 2nd, 2012
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At the Movies: "Total Recall"
Posted: Monday April 2nd, 2012 by

I've watched the trailers, and read some about Total Recall and I'm lost for the changes that are being tossed about. No I don't expect the same movie. But like the Ninja Turtles, if you're going to change it too much, why even call it a remake? It's not. It's a Total Rewrite.

Sure sure this is all conjecture and I will withhold actual judgement until the movie releases. What is certain though is that Colin Farrell is in it and that makes my dumb, dummy face sad. I just can't get behind that guy as an actor. Well... I couldn't get behind Arnie as an actor either but let's not pick nits.

With any luck, those other points Ted made will turn out to be false and we can just kick back and enjoy the movie for what it is, a silly sci-fi romp. Unfortunately... it IS blue and orange, so that probably means needlessly gritty.

We'll see.

And as far as Woody and Ted at home being Blue and Orange... whoops! That wasn't intentional.

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