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Comic for: April 23rd, 2009
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Lego Rock Band: "Think About It"
Posted: Thursday April 23rd, 2009 by

At GDC, Dan Teasdale, a Senior Designer at Harmonix, posted a slide during his speach that seemed to indicate that a "Lego" Rock Band product was in the works. [more info] A press release this past Tuesday from Lego gaming franchise owner, Warner Bros. Interactive, confirmed the game. Lego Rock Band is currently scheduled for realease this holiday season.
Source: RockBand.Com [ more info ]

I'm a fan of the Lego series of games and I'm a huge fan of Rock Band. But, my IP whoring senses started tingling as soon as I read about Lego Rock Band slide earlier this month. I also started trying to imagine how the hell a minifig with no fingers could play a guitar. It's a video game though. If Super Mario Bros. has taught me anything, it is to suspend disbelief.

A lot of gamers seem to have drawn a line in the sand between Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Purists tend to see the wash of GH titles as milking the franchise. Thus far RB hasn't suffered the same criticism. Then this news dropped and I started seeing a good bit of negativity start to crop up. I'm not blameless here. The purist in me would like to see Harmonix focus on DLC rather than new titles, especially cross promotional titles such as this. I'm a bit of a hypocrit though as I'm really looking forward to Beatles Rock Band. Anything to get to play Beatles songs I guess.

But let's not mistake the intent here. Lego Rock Band isn't being developed for the plastic guitar hardcore. Like most Lego titles, it's being directed more at younger gamers. For that reason (and the fact that I love both Lego and Rock Band) I'm going to give this bit of cross promoting, franchise milking, license whoring a pass and admit that I'll probably give the game a go.

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