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Comic for: February 25th, 2008
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Gaming News: "Glad That's Over!"
Posted: Monday February 25th, 2008 by

After Toshiba announced last week that it was ending production of HD-DVD players, Microsoft has followed suit and will no longer be manufacturing new HD-DVD players for the XBox 360. Microsoft does not expect this move to have a significant impact on console sales.
Source: Market Watch [ more info ]

When I read the news about Toshiba dropping HD-DVD, I pretty much assumed that the format war was over. I assumed the 360 would soon follow. But still somehow managed to be marginally surprised when the news dropped. **shrugs** Who knows?

At any rate, I consider this to be good news. I've stayed away from making any kind of high-def decision because the format landscape was still too unstable for me. I've got a short temper, I'd have been pretty miffed if I'd purchased an HD-DVD player just to watch the format fizzle and die. This move indicates to me that the next format is Blu-Ray. That being said... I'm still not ready to jump in with both feet. I'll wait a bit longer yet, just to make sure.

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