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Comic for: February 22nd, 2008
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Guest Strip: "The Cake is a Lie"
Posted: Friday February 22nd, 2008 by

Some of you will recall the recent guest strip (12/28/07) where a star is coming onto Mario. Well, after reading certain comments in the resulting thread, the artist (Melissa) is back with a response. Here's what she had to say about her submission:
Well here I am with another guest strip to follow up on a [comment] left by a forum goer who was glad to see Mario "get some". Other than that I hope the comic doesn't need any explanation. *cough*The cake is a lie*cough*

I don't normally do comics so I hope other people find this image as funny as I do. If your bored you can check DA out for my "normal" work.

Have a Great Day!

Now, those of you that have played Portal are probably more likely to get the joke. But, despite Melissa's hopes, I think the comic will need some explaining. See, Mario finally "gets" the Princess. The cake in the background indicates that they either have gotten, or soon will be getting, married. And "someone" is using a Portal to steal the cake. Throughout the game the computer guiding you entices you with cake while graffiti throughout the game states that the cake is indeed a lie. For more than that you will have to play the game. And if anyone wants to expand on this or correct it, you're more than welcome. Just be careful about spoilers if you can.

Thanks again Melissa, how did you know I was going to be on a raid last night, stay up way too late discussing post raid stuff with the raid leader, and need a guest strip to cover my butt after over-sleeping this morning?

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