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Comic for: December 5th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Embracing the Medium"
Posted: Wednesday December 5th, 2007 by

I read an article yesterday that Metallica was in talks to debut the first single from their next album via Rockband. There is no garauntee that this deal will pan out. MTV's senior vice president of home entertainment, Paul DeGooyer only said, "They've reserved the right to give us their first single from their new album for the game". Metallica is currently in the studio producing their 9th album.
Source: Gigwise [ more info ]

The idea of debuting a song via Rockband amused me at first, especially from a group of guys **cough**Lars**cough** who seem like they only want the person that bought the album to be able to listen to the songs. But really, what avenues are left out their to debut a Rock album? Radio? MTV? Both of those have become pretty ineffective. And before you get angry with me, keep in mind that I was part of the "I want my MTV" generation and I worked for a few years in radio. In my mind, the best bet for mass debut these days is to drop a video on YouTube. But as a game enthusiast I'm perfectly okay with the idea of using Downloadable Content or a "new version" of Rockband to release a single to the public.

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