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Comic for: December 4th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Not What You Expected"
Posted: Tuesday December 4th, 2007 by

When news started circulating the other day about the Vivendi Game/Activision merger, calling the resultant company Activision Blizzard, [more info] I immediately began getting "joke ideas" asking me to draw Grek or any number of different WoW race/class combos playing a plastic guitar, rocking out to Guitar Hero, etc. But since I very rarely cross games in a comic it didn't occur to me to produce any such comic. And not wanting to upset anyone by telling them their idea wasn't exactly original... I figured I'd take the idea in a different direction.

It's not my intention to somehow dimenish the news items the suggestions or this comic is based on. I just see the merger as a "situation normal" kind of deal. These things happen in the gaming world. We can only hope that it promotes those other semi-forgotten studios Vivendi Games was responsible for.

I think some of us have just become jaded by how EA does business and worry that mrgers like this one indicates that the companies we like are moving in that direction as well. Mike Morhaime feels the deal will provide financial flexibility and foster the independant developer feel. I certainly hope he's right.
Source: 1Up interview with Mike Morhaime [ more info ]

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