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Comic for: August 17th, 2007
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World of Warcraft: "'Offensive' Charge"
Posted: Friday August 17th, 2007 by

Having hit 68 myself, I turned my attention once again to the advancement of Taks' character. Helping her with her quests is simultaneously a challenge for me and no challenge at all. While I lay wastes to the mobs relevant to her level, I find myself easily distracted and fighting a certain amount of boredom. The result is snide, often inappropriate, commentary directed at the mobs themselves. And I'm not shy about slamming down the 3 key sending myself hurling bodily into the closest target. The problem here being that the mobs are often dead long before I can charge into the next mob.

Today we found ourselves in the Hinterlands mopping up some straggler quests, stomping through Quel'Danil Lodge on an errand to retrieve documents or some such. And for the first time in the many trips I've payed to the lodge, I saw a rare, named, silver elite: Jalinde Summerdrake. Cleaning house as we were, I rushed in saying things I probably shouldn't have. But Taks laughed; so, now it's a comic. How lucky am I to have a girlfriend that cooks, plays videogames, and laughs when I call a rare mob Whorebag?

Yes, I know Jalide's name is misspelled in the second text bubble. That's how I spelled it when I jotted down the "joke" before I looked her up at WoWHead. So for the sake of personal accuracy and a representation of my uncaring verbal (and physical) assault, that's the spelling I wanted to go with.

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