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Comic for: August 16th, 2007
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Guest Strip: "It's for content..."
Posted: Thursday August 16th, 2007 by

As I've said before, whenever I put out the call for guest strips, Mads shows up in some form or fashion. And after whining about the lack of guest strips in yesterday's writeup, how could I not publish this one immediately? Here's what he had to say about his submission:

Well since you latly have been complaining about the lack of guest
strips, and then said that the number of people submitting guest
strips had dwindled considerably since you implemented the new, larger
comic format... well I just had to make a guest comic commenting the
new layout and what its for...

To explain the comic, it's really just as much my own comment on a
experience I recently had.. I played a very old games named transport
tycoon, and was amazed how the gameplay and the content really cought
me and had me play it for hours.. then after playing it I went for a
newer game, and was suprised how little content it actually had - Im
not saying that new games always have little content, but that the
fancy graphics and effects often takes a lot of the devolpment leaving
less time for content....

Hope you can use it,
Mads Jespersen

This is Mads' show. So, I won't waste anyone's time rambling on as to what I think of the current state of the gaming industry or why I feel it has "progressed" in the direction it has. I'm sure I'll do it again in the future though and you can all look back on this comic and say "meh, Mads already said that".

And as for why I moved to the larger format, I'll be honest with you. Advertisers wanted larger ads. And being uninterested in my smaller ad space they would take their ball and go home. Since ads are the machine that runs GU's finances I had to find a way to comply. I'd avoided the larger ads because they completely dwarfed the comic. I had to find a way for the comic to hold its own. The best way to do that was to make the comic bigger. Thus we now have comics that are twice the size of the originals. And yes it's true; the new larger size gives me more room for detail, easier to read text, and sound effects... apparently.

Thanks as always Mads!

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